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The Korean American Dental Association of New England bylaws provide that the standing annual committees of the Society shall be: Executive, Program, Finance, Nominating, Peer Review, and Membership. In addition to those committees outlined in the Bylaws, KADA has several other committees including, but not limited to: New Professionals Committee, Dental Community Relations Committee, Bylaws Committee, Ethics Committee, Legislative Committee.

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee shall be a standing annual committee consisting of the President as Chairman, President-Elect, Vice-President, Immediate Past President, Secretary, Treasurer, and Editor. It shall be the duty of this committee to:

1) supervise the work of the Executive Director;

2) make recommendations on matters referred to it as well as on matters it initiates;

3) to conduct and supervise the business of the association when the board is not in session.

All decisions and interim policies of the Executive Committee are subject to review and approval at the next board meeting.

Image by Benjamin Child
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