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Welcome to the Korean American Dental Association of New England!

The Korean American Dental Association of New England is the official subchapter of the Korean American Dental Association (KADA). We are dedicated to helping our member dentists to provide excellent patient care and providing the New England community with dental resources and information.

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You get out each day to serve your patients and better your community. Your commitment to dentistry improves oral health, and we’re here to support you as you drive your career forward.

Here are a few ways your KADA of New England membership gives you access to savings, services and resources for your career and your life.

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There are many benefits of our membership that cannot be measured by dollars and cents. KADA of New England is about growth, support, and knowledge, both personally and professionally. It is vital to dentists who want to become the best practitioner they can be.

  • Information: The fastest way to be informed of changing regulations, industry updates, and concerns in the oral health community, as well as the answers to all your needs and concerns.

  • Community: Build relationships through a large diverse dental community.

  • Protection: Renowned, experienced representation in New England.

  • Success: KADA of New England has the access, knowledge and know how that leads to you having a more successful practice.



The Mission of the KADA of New England is to serve as the most trusted resource for the dental profession and be its leading provider in education, advocacy, member services, and legislation.

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